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Buzzsaw Jones Bio



Buzzsaw Jones
Ht: 5'6"  Weight: 187
Pro Debut: August 1996
Trained By:  Bobby Blaze
Finisher:  Buzzcutter, Buzzkiller, Texas Cloverleaf
other gimmicks: Wild Dawg and Prime Time Brian

 Buzzsaw was trained by former Smokey Moutain and WCW star Bobby Blaze. Buzzsaw's first match was in August of 1996 against Bo James,
in which he won with a schoolboy. Buzzsaw's first title was the CPW
(Championship Proffesional Wrestling) JR. Heavyweight title. His opponet
was the Cuban Assasian and it took place at the Ashland National Guard
Armory. Buzzsaw has held several Heavyweight and Lightweight titles in WV, OH and KY.


Buzzsaw Jones

Buzzsaw is  an old school mat wrestler.He has always liked the technical side of wrestling.

Favorite Arena: National Guard Armory, Ashland KY.
Wrestling Influnces: Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dynamite Kid.

Favorite Music: Country , Rock
Favorite Band: Lynard Skinnard, Guns and Roses,  Big & Rich
Favorite Movies:  Beyond the Mat and Rocky
Favorite Actor: Val Keelmer
Favorite Food: Max and Erma's Burger

Life Inspiration:  JESUS and Christopher Reeve